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Volume 35 | Issue 3 | September-December 2020

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Starvation in the Midst of Plenty: Are we orthopaedic Surgeons Smart Enough?
Kumar Keshav

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.024

Original Articles

Minimally Invasive Technique For Delayed union Or Nonunion #Tibia: The Use Of Percutaneous Autologous Bone Marrow Injection
Aman Sainia, Sumit Kumara, Himanshu Bansala, Sanjeev Sareenb

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.025

Co-relation Between Cervicothoracic Angle and Neck Pain in Adults
Amit Dwivedi, Vikram Dagar, Shivani Tiwari Dwivedi, Sonam, Fenil Shah

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.026

Comparative Study Between Clinical And MRI Findings In Lumbar Disc Prolapse
Manoj Soni, Muzammil Pheroz, Saumya Agarwal, Arvind Kumar, Shivank Prakash

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.027

Management And Outcome Of Unstable Intertrochanteric Fracture By Proximal Femoral Nail Versus Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation In Elderly Patients: A Prospective Comparative Study
Nishant Gandhi, Najmul Huda, Man Mohan Sharma, Sandeep Bishnoi

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.028

Achilles Tendinopathy: Functional Results In Patients Treated With Eccentric Exercises, Air Heel Brace And A Combination Of Both
Vikram Sharma, Vivek Chandak

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.029

Fixation of Posterior Column Injuries in Complex Tibial Plateau Fractures
Pavan Pradhan, Vikas Saxena, Ravi Chandulal Makadia

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.030

Case Reports

Outcome of Bilateral Femoral Neck Fracture in Female Child with Osteopetrosis Treated Conservatively
Saurabh Kumar, Ish Kumar Dhammi, Deepankar Verma

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.031

Traumatic Transverse Patella Fracture In A Bipartite Patella – An Unusual Case Report
Atin jaiswal, Yashwant singh Tanwar, Gautam Chatterji

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.032

Chaff Machine Injury Of The Elbow– A Case Report
Atin Jaiswal, Yashwant Singh Tanwar

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.033


Reversible Physeal Arrest In An Adolescent Intraarticular Distal Femur Fracture With Unusual Configuration: A Case Report
Atin Jaiswal, Yashwant Singh Tanwar

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.034

Long Term Follow Up And Management Of Adamantinoma Of Tibia: A Rare Case Report
Rahul Patel, Devanshu Mohaniya, Birju Manjhi, Shivam Sinha, Amit Rastogi

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.035

Pseudomonal Clavicular Osteomyelitis Managed by Subtotal Clavicular Excision: A Rare Case Report and Literature Review
Kumar Keshav, Lalit Kumar Das, Shalesh Kumar, Siddharth Singh

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DOI- 10.13107/jbjd.2020.v35i03.036

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