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Volume 34 | Issue 3 | Sep – Dec 2019

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Publication in scientific Journals: For whose benefit?
Kumar Keshav
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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.001


Original Articles

Treatment of lumbar disc prolapse by Interlaminar Fenestration Technique
Sohail Ahmad, Ziaul Hoda Shaan, Latif Z. Jilani, Mohd. Faizan, Naiyer Asif, Mazhar Abbas

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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.002

A comparative study of suspected cases of rotator cuff tears by high frequency ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging
Shaista Siddiqui, Ibne Ahmad, Aamir Bin Sabir, Shagufta Wahab, Zafar Ahmad Khan

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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.003

Total Hip Arthroplasty in Failed Fixation of Intertrochanteric Fracture- A Salvage Procedure
Aamir Bin Sabir, Mohd. Faizan, Md. Ishtiaq, Latif Z Jilani, Sohail Ahmed, Ziaul Hoda Shaan

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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.004

Treatment of atrophic non-union fractures by autologous bone marrow aspirate injections: A prospective study
Vineet Agarwal, Sachin Yadav, Manish Shukla

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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.005

The study of correlation of Vitamin D level with severity of osteoporosis and evaluation of effect of Vitamin D supplementation in treatment of osteoporosis in elderly Indian patient population
Panna Mishra, Vikas Trivedi, Ankur Goel, Karn Singh Chauhan

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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.006

Analysis of alignment parameters and outcomes of total knee replacement at a tertiary level care centre
Sanjay Yadav, Saurabh Singh

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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.007


Case Reports

Multiple Nora Lesions: A Rare Case Report
Afroz Ahmed Khan, Priyank Sahoo, Sovik Yadav, Vikas Trivedi

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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.008

Neglected Thorn injury mimicking Tuberculosis in Wrist of 20 Year old male : A case report
Deepankar verma, Samarth Mittal, Rajat Kapoor, Saurabh Rai

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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.009

Pathological femoral neck fracture secondary to Ectopic Parathyroid adenoma located in the Mediastinal Aoroto-Pulmonary window : A Rare Case
Pulak Sharma, Niraj Ranjan

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DOI :10.13107/jbjd.2019.v34i03.010




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