Long Term Follow Up And Management Of Adamantinoma Of Tibia: A Rare Case Report

Vol 35 | Issue 3 | September-December 2020 | page: 49-51 |  Rahul Patel, Devanshu Mohaniya, Birju Manjhi, Shivam Sinha, Amit Rastogi

Authors: Rahul Patel [1], Devanshu Mohaniya [1], Birju Manjhi [1], Shivam Sinha [1], Amit Rastogi [1]

¹Department of orthopedics, IMS and Trauma center, BHU, Varanasi, India.

Address of Correspondence:
Dr. Rahul Patel,
Department of orthopedics, IMS and Trauma center ,BHU, Varanasi, India.
E-mail: rahulpatel161092@gmail.com

Introduction: Adamantinoma is a rare low grade malignant tumor of unknown origin, commonly seen in the mandible and the long bones like tibia. It is histologically biphasic, contains both epidermal and mesenchymal cells. Management depends upon staging and local destruction ranging from amputation to limb reconstruction.
Case report: We report a case of 20 years old male patient presented with pain and slowly progressive swelling in left leg that evolved over last 3 years without significant clinical manifestations. Radiological and Histological evaluation was done and diagnosed with adamantinoma. It was managed with excision of tumor and limb reconstruction with corticotomy and stabilisation with Ilizarov external fixator. Secondarily tibia vara was managed by LRSs. We report no recurrence.
Conclusion: Adamantinoma is locally aggressive bone tumor with distant metastasis, can occur after many years of initial presentation. Once the diagnosis is made, there must be a wide excision of tumor to be done to reduce tumor load en-masse and limb salvage surgery along with plastic surgical intervention and thus, remaining vigilant for late complications of limb reconstruction.
Keywords: Management of adamantinoma of tibia


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