Chaff Machine Injury Of The Elbow–A Case Report

Vol 35 | Issue 3 | September-December 2020 | page: 41-43 |  Atin Jaiswal, Yashwant Singh Tanwar

Authors: Atin Jaiswal [1], Yashwant Singh, Tanwar [2]

¹Department of Orthopedics, Vivekanand polyclinic and institute of medical sciences, Lucknow, U_ar Pradesh, India.
²Department of Orthopedics, Indraprastha Appolo Hospital, New Delhi, India.

Address of Correspondence:
Dr. Atin Jaiswal,
Vivekanand polyclinic and institute of medical sciences, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Agricultural machine injuries are very common worldwide and are a cause of major economic burden and permanent physical disabilities. Such injuries carry a grave prognosis as they usually result in traumatic amputation or compound fractures with deep lacerations which are open contaminated. Infection rate in such injuries are too high and undefined fracture patterns usually pose a problem in adequate management and usually require multiple surgeries. A sequential planned tailor made approach is required for management of such injuries. We present a case of chaff cutter machine injury in a 17 years male patient with compound, comminuted, multiple fractures in right elbow with bone loss managed with thorough debridement and minimal internal fixation and single stage surgery with good results. In this case report we used titanium elastic nails as an alternative to joint spanning external fixation for diaphyseal humerus fracture with its advantages. This manuscript also gives an insight regarding prevention of agricultural machine injuries.
Keywords: Chaff cutter, Compound, Comminuted


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