Disarticulation of hip: A rare complication of Total hip arthroplasty

Vol 35 | Issue 1 | Jan-April 2020 | page: 37-40 | Tarun Baghla, Ajay Bharti, Pawan Rawat, Rahul Agarwal,
Zabreel Muzaffar


Authors: Tarun Baghla [1], Ajay Bharti [1], Pawan Rawat [1], Rahul Agarwal [1], Zabreel Muzaffar [1]

¹Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, AIIMS Gorakhpur, Uttarpradesh, India.

Address of Correspondence:
Dr. Ajay Bharti ,
AIIMS Gorakhpur, Uttarpradesh, India.
E-mail: dr_ajay2001@yahoo.com

Complications are associated with most of the surgical procedures, It is the acumen, proficiency in skill of the surgeon that minimizes them, Post-Operative dislocation of THA are not uncommon but vascular complications are rare and every effort should be made to reduce their occurrence. We report a case of femoral neck fracture in young adult in whom Common femoral artery injury occurred along with dislocation of hip following THA leading to disarticulation of Hip. A short review of literature is also presented to make us aware of neurovascular complications with THA.

Key words: Total hip arthroplasty ( THA ), Vascular Injury , Hip disarticulation


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