Periprosthetic fractures around femoral stem: Role of reversed contralateral distal femur locking plate

Vol 33 | Issue 3 | Sep – Dec 2018 | page: 35-39 | Devarshi Rastogi, Mukesh Kumar Dwivedi, Shah Wali Ullah.

Authors: Devarshi Rastogi [1], Mukesh Kumar Dwivedi [1], Shah Wali Ullah [1].

[1] Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India..

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Devarshi Rastogi,

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,

King George’s Medical University, Nabiullah Road, Daliganj, Lucknow, Pin 226018, India.



Background: Vancouver B1 periprosthetic femoral fractures are described as fractures occurring around the stem tip in which the prosthesis is stable. Treatment options include Mennen plates (CMW Laboratories, Exeter, England), the Dall-Miles plate, cable system (Stryker Howmedica, Rutherford, New Jersey), dynamic compression plates, conventional plates, cerclage cables, locking compression plates, and strut allogras with or without plating. The aim of this study was to describe the efficacy of contralateral distal femur locking plate used in reverse for the management of Type B1 periprosthetic femur fracture when used in conjunction with intraoperative demonstration of prosthesis stability and correct classification of these fractures.

Materials and Methods: Ten periprosthetic femoral shaft fractures, vancouver Type B1, were enrolled in the study. Average age of the patient was 57.6 years with 8 male and 2 female. All patients were managed by open reduction and internal xation by reversed contralateral distal femur locking plate and cables and followed up for a minimum of 12 months. Patients were evaluated both clinically and radiologically.

Results: All fractures were united at an average of 14.5 weeks. Harris hip score at final follow-up was 86.5. One patient had superficial wound infection. e infection was successfully treated by irrigation and debridement of wound and intravenous antibiotics.

Conclusion: We observed good functional outcome in patient treated with reversed contralateral distal femur locking plate. We conclude that reversed contralateral distal femur locking plate is a reliable, effective, and relatively cheaper option for the management of vancouver B1 periprosthetic femoral shaft fracture.

Keywords: Vancouver B1 fracture, locking plate, total hip arthroplatsy.


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