Indexing of Journal of Bone and Joint Diseases

Vol 32 | Issue 1 |Jan – June 2017 | page: 1 | Sanjay Dhawan, Ashok Shyam

Authors: Sanjay Dhawan [1], Ashok Shyam [2,3]

[1] Dhawan Orthocare, 14 Dwarika Puram  Byepass Agra, India.
[2] Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Pune.
[3] Indian Orthopaedic Research Group, Thane, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Sanjay Dhawan,
Dhawan Orthocare, 14 Dwarika Puram
Byepass Agra, India.


Dear Colleagues,
Indexing of a journal is of prime importance since the recognition by the medical council of India depends on publication in an Indexed journal. The Journal of Bone and Joint Diseases is one of the oldest orthopaedic journals in the country, however till now it has a much localised feel and restricted readership. With advent of online version last year, the outreach of the journal has greately increased. The online format has also made it easier to submit the journal content for online assessment and indexing.
The journal content was submitted to Index Copernicus for assessment in July 2016. After a good six months of review the journal is now indexed with Index Copernicus. The ICV value is calculated to be more than 72. This is very good factor considering journal is online only since one year. Probably the long and regular history of journal publication has helped journal get indexed and also get a very good ICV Score. Journal articles can also be found with Google Scholar and are open access for any indexing body to review.
As per MCI guidelines any journal that is indexed with Index Copernicus and has a print version is to be considered as Indexed journal. JBJD comes out with print version of every issue and as mentioned above is now indexed with Index Copernicus, thus fulfilling the MCI criteria. With this indexing now every article published in JBJD will add additional value to the academic value of every author specially in terms of applying for promotions and fellowships.
JBJD team will further strive to make the journal better and continue to climb on the ladder of improved indexing, however even currently it joins one of the few elite orthopaedic journals that fulfil the MCI criteria of Indexing
We invite our members to write in details if they have any query regarding indexing and abstracting of the journal.

Long Live UPOA
Long Live IOA
Yours truly,

Dr Sanjay Dhawan Dr Ashok Shyam
Editor – JBJD Associate Edito – JBJD

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